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Baisakhi Food Festival

The farmer folk's month-long toils result in the bloom of fresh crops and the crisp harvest makes its way into our palates. At Casa Kitchen, we celebrated the traditional recipes of Baisakhi Festival hailing from Punjab. The rich flavours, fashioned from fresh ingredients in an 11-day extravaganza saw food aficionados gorging on the lavish Punjabi special menu curated by our Head Chef!

Venue: Casa Kitchen
Dates: 12th - 22nd April 2018

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Dakshini Food Festival

At Casa Kitchen we welcomed the flavours of South India to mesmerise the palates with the delectable taste of unique recipes at the Dakshini Food Festival. The 10-day festival saw an extravagant turnout of food enthusiasts and foodies alike!

Venue: Casa Kitchen

Date: 9th to 18th February 2018

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